Conference Program


Monday November 27th

9:30-10:00Opening ceremony, Assembly Hall.
Plenary Session 1: Circular Economy and Sustainability - 1
10:00-10:20Invited Lecture
10:20-11:40Oral Contributions
11:45-12:15Coffee break/Breakfast. Canteen of UCO Rectorate
Plenary Session 2: Energy Efficient Buildings and Smart Technologies. Assembly Hall.
12:20-12:40Invited Lecture
12:40-13:55Oral Contributions
14:00-15:50Conference Banquet/Lunch. Canteen of UCO Rectorate
Plenary Session 3: Advanced in Construction Materials. Assembly Hall.
16:00-18:00Oral Contributions
18:30-19:30Coffee break and Poster Session. Ground Floor of UCO Rectorate

Tuesday November 28th

8:30-9:15Poster Session. Ground Floor of UCO Rectorate
Plenary Session 4: Carbon Capture and Utilization. Assembly Hall.
9:15-9:45Invited Lecture
9:45-10:30Oral Contributions
10:40-11:20Coffee Break/Breakfast. Canteen of UCO Rectorate
Plenary Session 5: Circular Economy and Sustainability – 2 and New Construction Methods. Assembly Hall
11:30-13:30Oral Contributions
13:45Closing Ceremony. Assembly Hall
AfternoonTourist visit to Cordoba

Oral Presentations 

Monday November 27th (Morning)

Assembly Hall of Rectorate
 Plenary Session 1: Circular Economy and Sustainability - 1
 Chairman: Prof. Dr. José Ramón Jiménez Romero
10:00-10:20Invited LectureClara Tonoli, Antonio López Uceda*, Sabrina Sorlini, Auxi Barbudo, Adela P. Galvín*.Testing conditions on compliance leaching procedures: effect on pollutant release of recycled aggregates
10:20-10:35ICGC-23-006Guillermo Sotorrío Ortega, Sheila Otero Seseña and José Antonio Tenorio RíosProject ‘Construye 2030’. The construction sector to 2030
10:35-10:50ICGC-23-032José Daniel Rodríguez-Mariscal*, Mario Solís Muñiz, Jacinto Canivell, Juan Jesús Martín del Río Enhancing Sustainable Construction with Recycled Glass and Lime-Stabilized Rammed Earth.
10:50-11:05ICGC-23-042Antonia Terrones Saeta, Juan María Terrones Saeta, Jorge Suárez-Macías, Francisco J. Iglesias Godino, Francisco A. Corpas IglesiasValorisation of fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration in construction materials for building structures
11:05-11:20ICGC-23-043Juan María Terrones Saeta, Juan Agustín Herrera Rubia, Francisco Javier Manzano Diosdado, Francisco Javier Moreno Aguado, Juan Jesús Franco Oliva, Nuria Baladés Ruiz and Miguel Ángel Caparros Espinosa.Study of the mechanical and physical properties of ceramic materials made from phosphogypsum waste from the province of Huelva
11:20-11:35ICGC-23-045Ágata González Caro, Antonio Manuel Merino-Lechuga, Enrique Fernández-Ledesma, David Suescum-Morales, José Ramón Jiménez, José María Fernández-Rodríguez.Behavior of Acanthocardia tuberculata seashells as aggregate in self-compacting mortars
Plenary Session 2: Energy Efficient Buildings and Smart Technologies
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Antonio Rodero Serrano
12:20-12:40Invited LectureNeri Banti, Cecilia Ciacci*Influence of skylight configurations on the energy performance and internal conditions in industrial buildings
12:40-12:55ICGC-23-005Dariel López López*, Carmen Díaz López, Angela Barrios PaduraLatin America in the context of sustainable building evaluation methods.
12:55-13:10ICGC-23-011J.L. Sánchez-Jiménez* and M. Ruiz de AdanaEnergy efficiency of portable air cleaners in buildings
13:10-13:25ICGC-23-033María Jesús Romero-Lara*, Francisco Comino and Manuel Ruiz de AdanaFeasibility analysis of using two advanced air-cooling systems in Mediterranean area climate
13:25-13:40ICGC-23-039Esther Molero*, Pablo E. RomeroTransparency in 3D printed facades: materials and printing parameters
13:40-13:55ICGC-23-054Gil Vinyeta, Eva Cuerva, Pablo. Pujadas*MIVES Multi-Criteria Framework for Assessing, Prioritizing, and Selecting Initiatives for Sustainable Building Smartization

Monday November 27th (Afternoon)

Assembly hall of Rectorate
 Plenary Session 3: Advanced in Construction Materials
 Chairman: Prof. Dr. Luís Sánchez Granados
16:00-16:15ICGC-23-004Jesús Castillo-González*, Francisco Comino, Francisco J. Navas-Martos, Manuel Ruiz de AdanaCharacterization of wetting and hydrophobic materials for additive manufacturing of sustainable indirect evaporative coolers
16:15-16:30ICGC-23-012Anas A. Alrawashdeh*, María Martín-Morales, Montserrat Zamorano, Mazen AlshaaerScientific evolution of geopolymer and alkali-activated materials
16:30-16:45ICGC-23-017A. Muñoz-Castillo*, S. Bueno-Rodríguez, Dolores Eliche-QuesadaUtilization of Spent Diatomaceous Earth, Rice Husk Ash, and Waste Glass as Alternative Activators in Chamotte-based Alkaline Activated Cements
16:45-17:00ICGC-23-018Pérez-Fenoy, José*; Jiménez-Guerrero, Adriano; Rivera-Gómez, Carlos; Galán-Marín, CarmenInnovative Ceramic Façade Cladding Kit Systems: Performance Evaluation through European Assessment Documents
17:00-17:15ICGC-23-019Jiménez-Guerrero, Adiano*; Pérez-Fenoy, José; Rivera-Gómez, Carlos; Galán-Marín, CarmenExploring the Synergy of Additive Manufacturing and Parametric Design for Sustainable Ceramic Building Elements
17:15-17:30ICGC-23-022Ponsian M.Robert*, Loanna Gianopoulou, Demetris NicolaidesInvestigation of Adhesive Bond Strength of Fire-Resistant Thermal Insulation Composite Geopolymer Material made of Construction and Demolition Waste
17:30-17:45ICGC-23-024Majdi Al Shdifat*, María L. Jalón, Esther Puertas, Álvaro Blanca-Hoyos, Juan ChiachíoThe Compressive Strength of Plastic Fiber-Reinforced Rammed Earth
17:45-18:00ICGC-23-029D. Caballero*, M. Cruz-Yusta, I. Mármol, J.M. Lloris, L. SánchezField study of photocatalytic mortars based on LDHs

Tuesday November 28th (Morning)

Assembly hall of Rectorate
Plenary Session 4: Carbon Capture and Utilization
Chairman: Prof. Dr. José María Fernández Rodríguez
9:15-9:45Invited LectureJosé María Fernández-Rodríguez*, José Ramón Jiménez, Enrique Fernández-Ledesma, David Suescum-Morales, David Cantador-Fernández, Rocío Otero-Izquierdo, Antonio Manuel Merino LechugaNew alternatives of capture and utilization of CO2 in the manufacture of concrete precast pieces (PRECAST-CO2)
9:45-10:00ICGC-23-014David Suescum-Morales*, Ágata González-Caro, José Ramón Jiménez Romero , José María Fernández-RodríguezEffect of pomace bottom ash as a substitute for natural sand in cement-based mortars cured in CO2.
10:00-10:15ICGC-23-047Antonio Manuel Merino-Lechuga*, Ágata González-Caro, David Suescum-Morales, José Ramón Jiménez, José María Fernández-RodríguezMechanical properties and CO2 capture of Active Biochar from olive pits in mortars
10:15-10:30ICGC-23-049David Cantador-Fernandez*, Rocio Otero-Izquierdo, Pascal Van Der Voort, José Ramón Jiménez and José María Fernández-RodriguezCO2 Adsorption by CMK-3 at low temperatures and high pressure
Plenary Session 5: Circular Economy and Sustainability – 2 and New Construction Methods.
 Chairman: Prof. Dr. Enrique Fernández Ledesma
11:30-11:45ICGC-23-007Pavlos Mavromatidis, Demetris Demetriou*, Robert P. Mwombeki, Michael F. Petrou, Demetris NicolaidesThe Development and Implementation of an Automated Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting Prototype
11:45-12:00ICGC-23-020Francesco Pressi, Marta Braulio-Gonzalo*, María D. Bovea, Giancarlo PaganinHow to assess the social performance of housing? Proposal for an assessment framework
12:00-12:15ICGC-23-027Clara Tonoli*, Adela P. Galvín, Sabrina Sorlini, Auxi Barbudo, Antonio López UcedaEnvironmental Legal Criteria for Recycled Aggregates in the Circular Economy: a comparison among European Countries
12:15-12:30ICGC-23-031Miguel A. Gómez-Casero*, L. Pérez-Villarejo, P.J. Sánchez-Soto , Dolores Eliche-QuesadaBehaviour of different slags front aggressive environment. Comparative study.
12:30-12:45ICGC-23-040Delgado-Plana P.*, Bueno-Rodríguez S., Eliche-Quesada, D.One-part alternative activation of silicomanganese slag with biomass ash and comparison with commercial KOH two-part activation
12:45-13:00ICGC-23-051José Balbuena*, Ángeles Obrero, Mikel Arandigoyen, Inigo Garcia, Rosa López, José Manuel LlorisSubstitution of OPC binder with Sorel-like binder by the reuse of MgO wastes
13:00-13:15ICGC-23-056Teresa Garnica*; Soledad Montilla; Sheila Otero; Belén Abad; J.A.Tenorio2); Marta Conde* BioCons background database for LCA of bioproducts for construction
13:15-13:30ICGC-23-058Soledad Montilla Moreno*, Teresa Garnica; Sheila Otera; Belén Abad; José Antonio Tenorio; Marta Conde*Wood-Based Construction Solutions: Meeting Environmental Challenges and CTE Standards

Poster Presentations

Monday November 27th and Tuesday November 28th

Ground Floor of Rectorate
Topic: New Construction Methods
Order numberID numberAuthorsTitle
P-1ICGC-23-025Armando Arvizu-Montes*; Stefany Alcivar Bastidas; María José Martínez-Echevarría RomeroSustainable concrete reinforced with vegetable fibers: durability and technical properties
P.2ICGC-23-034Antonio López-Uceda*, María Isabel López-Martínez, Rocío Ruiz-Bustos, Joost Van DuijnEnhancing Mechanical Properties in 3D Printing with PLA through Infill and Pattern Optimization
P.3ICGC-23-041Caparrós Espinosa M.*, Terrones Saeta J. M., Manzano Diosdado F. J., Balades Ruiz N., Franco Oliva J. Laboratory model for the simulation of the plate load test for road surfaces: A new paradigm for resource efficiency in Construction 5.0
P-4ICGC-23-055Juan Mateo*, María C. García, Antonio RoderoModified Fick's second law for its application in the study of chloride diffusion in mortar samples
Topic: Carbon Capture and Utilization
Order numberID numberAuthorsTitle
P-5ICGC-23-048Antonio Manuel Merino-Lechuga*, Ágata González-Caro, David Suescum-Morales, José Ramón Jiménez, José María Fernández-RodríguezUse of Active Biochar from olive stones as a CO2 capturer in mortars made with recycled masonry aggregate
Topic: Energy Efficient Buildings and Smart Technologies
OrderID numberAuthorsTitle
P-6ICGC-23-028Isabel Santiago*, Emilio J. Palacios-García, Miguel J. Gonzalez-Redondo, Victoria ArenasRamos, Antonio Moreno-MuñozPhotovoltaic power generation in blocks of flats with different income levels in Southern Spain
P-7ICGC-23-050José Balbuena*, Ángeles Obrero, Mikel Arandigoyen, Inigo Garcia, Rosa López, José Manuel LlorisThe use of industrial wastes to make thermal insulation mortars
P-8ICGC-23-057Beata Sadowska, Dorota Anna Krawczyk*Enhancing the energy efficiency of single-family buildings in cold climate conditions
Topic: Advanced in Construction Materials
Order numberID numberAuthorsTitle
P.9ICGC-23-001J.D. Ruiz Martínez, H. Cifuentes, J.D. Ríos, A. Martínez de la Concha , C. Leiva*Addition of sodium gluconate on ultra-high-performance steel fiber-reinforced concrete. Influence on the mechanical properties and porosity
P-10ICGC-23-008José D. Ríos, Carlos Leiva, Antonio Martínez-de la Concha and Héctor Cifuentes*Fracture behavior of ultra-high-performance concrete reinforced with nanosilica
P-12ICGC-23-013A. García-Díaz*, J. S. Bueno-Rodríguez, D. Eliche-QuesadaEffect of replacing construction and demolition wastes (CDW) with different industrial by-products for their use as precursors in alkali-activated cements
P-13ICGC-23-021Suelen R. Gomes*, Ivana Pavlovic, Luis Sánchez, Mercedes Sánchez MorenoEffect of MgAl layered double hydroxides intercalated with nitrite anions on corrosion protection
P-14ICGC-23-023Manuel Aranda*, Manuel Cruz-Yusta, Mercedes Sánchez-MorenoInfluence of curing temperature and consistence in setting of fly-ash based geopolimers.
P-15ICGC-23-052José Balbuena*, Ángeles Obrero, Mikel Arandigoyen, Inigo Garcia, Rosa López, José Manuel LlorisNew hybrid cement-geopolymer mortars through the reuse of industrial wastes
P-16ICGC-23-053T. Ikumi, E. Galeote, P. Pujadas*, A. de la Fuente, R.D. López-CarreñoPredicting Flexural Post-Cracking Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in the Barcelona Test Using a Neural Network-Aided Approach
P-17ICGC-23-059M. Felipe-Sesé, A. García-Díaz*, D. Eliche-QuesadaInnovative alkali-activated cementious materials based on industrial by-products
Topic: Circular Economy and Sustainability
Order numberID numberAuthorsTitle
P-18ICGC-23-002E. Álvarez-Castillo, J.D. Ruiz Martínez, H. Cifuentes, Y. Luna-Galiano, C. Leiva*Fire resistance of different types of biomass ashes mixed with gypsum
P-19ICGC-23-003Alejandra Vidales Barriguete*; Carolina Piña Ramírez; Sonia Navarrete Ocaña; Patricia Aguilera Benito; Eva Barreira; Susana Gomes DiasCharacterization of cement mortar with polymer aggregate from construction and demolition waste (CDW)
P-20ICGC-23-010Luca Tefa*, Marco BassaniSpatial and time variability of bearing capacity of subbase layers made with unbound construction and demolition waste aggregates
P-21ICGC-23-016Angélica Lozano Lunar*, Antonio Merino Lechuga, José María Fernández Rodríguez, José Ramón Jiménez RomeroCircular Mining: use of granite powder waste as an alternative aggregate in self-compacting mortars production
P-22ICGC-23-030Miguel A. Gómez-Casero*, L. Pérez-Villarejo, P.J. Sánchez-Soto , Dolores Eliche-QuesadaDurability of alkali activated material based on ladle furnace slag and biomass bottom ash.
P-23ICGC-23-035Antonio López-Uceda*, David Cantador-Fernández, Pedro Raposeiro Da Silva, Jorge de Brito, José María Fernández, José Ramón Jiménez RomeroPerformance of Self-Compacting Mortars produced with different industrial by-products
P-24ICGC-23-036Juan I. Díaz-García*, José M. Ruiz-Román, Francisco A. Corpas-IglesiasProduction of sustainable lightweight aggregates from mixtures of biomass and expanded clay for use in green construction
P-25ICGC-23-037Antonio López Uceda*, Auxi Barbudo, Adolfo Peña Acevedo, José Ramón Jiménez Romero, Adela P. GalvínSediment Retention System with Precast Modular Eco-Concrete Elements
P-26ICGC-23-044Sergio Martínez-Martínez, Luis Pérez-Villarejo*, Dolores Eliche-Quesada, Pedro J. Sánchez-SotoEfficient waste management through new tools for the development of the Circular Economy
P-27ICGC-23-046Ágata González Caro*, Antonio Manuel Merino-Lechuga, Enrique Fernández-Ledesma, David Suescum-Morales, José Ramón Jiménez, José María Fernández-Rodríguez.Behavior of Acanthocardia tuberculata seashells as filler in self-compacting mortars
P-28ICGC-23-060Dorota Gawryluk* , Natalia Maksymiuk, Agata Sewostjanik, Dorota Anna Krawczyk Glocal Erasmus+ project green bus stops conceptions of green constructions as innovative solution for European cities: Bialystok, Madrid and Klaipeda
P-29ICGC-23-061Raúl Vico-Lujano*, Dolores Eliche-Quesada, Pilar Hidalgo-Torrano, L. Pérez-VillarejoExhaustive study of Spanish biomass ashes. Apply on additive manufacturing mortars